Shiva Mon, February 20, 2006 - 1:12 AM by Shiva

ځSeanځ wrote:
Codons are combinations of three nueleotides of
DNA. A codon represents this unity. Its
generally spoken that most humans have around 20
codons activated. Some have more. I want to
acknowledge that a lot of people have more
activated. I believe the cycle progresses from
24 to 48 to 64. 64 being the multi-dimensional
spiritual human, radiating pure love and pure
evolutionary energy. Guardian of the Universe.

There are 64 codons possible for the bio-
humanoid DNA strand. 64 codons activated
serves as absolute immunity. When we are
functioning and living at our truest Divine
potential, nothing can harm us. Nothing can
stop us. Right now, nothing can stop us from
our true evolution. It has begun. It is in
progress. The waves of evolution are flowing
like a dam has burst. And we are all part of
this beautiful play.

Visualize the webs of DNA. Light these up like
an infinite web of LIGHTS, fields of DNA strands
and codons. Flood evolution into these
fields. WE ARE EVOLVING!!!


Raven's Feather Mon, February 20, 2006 - 11:56 AM by Raven's...

This is not only true but the manifestation of the "why" of our existence. We are still trapped in the illusion of linear time. As we ascend and eventually merge with Divinity, the activation level of our DNA reflects it. And when we are ultimately merged into Divinity we will see that there was no time that we weren't Divine. This unfolding of being is why we exist. And why we also do not exist.

I have been honored to Activate people up through the 22 codon and have been Awestruck by the impacts on their lives. I have had my DNA activated to the 26th Codon and it has enabeled me to pursue my Life Mission as a Healer and Teacher.

Thank you Shiva, for your sharing.

Ohm Shakti

Divine Conscious Activation of DNA

Shiva Wed, February 22, 2006 - 4:57 AM by Shiva

More integral way is to bring the Divine Conscious force and light into the Neucleolous...which is a factory for all the genetic material..whatsoever..this could ultimately transform by producing the divine genetic code, thus transform the whole DNA structure and prepare a New Race in the Man emerged from the Ape...this is the ultimate experience of DNA Divine Conscious Activation..