Ways to activate DNA

topic posted Sat, December 31, 2005 - 12:09 PM by  Nicole
~Blessings for the New Year~

Just to add a quick thought before my question, I sense 2006 is a year of very heightened spiritual energy, that which we haven't experienced yet (at least in this lifetime). Anyway that is just my feeling as I expect to accomplish many goals aligned to my spiritual path. What I wish for myself is also an affirmation for us All.

So anyway, I am curious to hear people's thought, experiences, etc of how you activated or believe you are activating your DNA, whether it is a practice you are doing with yourself, with a group, or with a healer who specializing in this.

I believe that Love is key, as Love resonates to the highest vibration of light energy there is. And so by opening the heart chakra and loving the One of Creation, I believe this automatically activates or allows for activation of our DNA to occur.

Please share how you believe you are activating your DNA as I would like to learn new and different ways as hopefully we all do.

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    Sat, December 31, 2005 - 2:11 PM
    hi Nicole!



    what i understand as opening my dna is a way of explaning the systematic removal of stored blocks in my genetic code and reintegration of information lost because of these stored blocks.

    i facilitate this process through meditation practices
    facilitated energy body work
    and self awareness

    DNA's a sexy word these days... and everything is always capable of being taken to a higher level.

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    Sat, December 31, 2005 - 7:03 PM
    Happy New Year!!

    2006 = 2 + 0 + 0 + 6 = 8!!

    NUMBER 8

    Achievement, abundance, executive, strength, self-disciplined, power, success, authority, psychology, entrepreneur, intensity, supervisor, provider, grandeur, material manifestor.

    Tarot ~

    Astrology ~
    Saturn, Sun, Leo, Pluto,Scorpio

    Rune ~

    I Ching ~
    #26 Ta ch'u

    Tree of Life ~
    Hod, Majesty (Splendor, Glory)

    Hebrew Letter ~
    Cheth, Pe

    Shamanism ~
    Lion and Butterfly

    Alchemy ~
    Fire and Water

    Element ~

    Aura ~

    Colors ~
    Rose, Violet Purple (magenta), Deep Indigo

    Gemstone ~
    Diamond, Fire Opal

    Musical Note ~
    High C

    Months ~

    Week Day ~

    Personally, 8 means so much to me ~ something for everyone! ~ it speaks of infinity & magic, right here & now ~ a portal into mystery & the deep nature of all that is...... it is the sacred spiral, the DNA helix, the mathematics/music of the stars!!

    Wishing all the fullest expression of their dreams in the present moment!

    love all-ways,
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      Re: Ways to activate DNA

      Wed, January 11, 2006 - 6:52 PM
      Thank you SO much for sharing that with us. WOW!! I will take it in and open up. Blessings,
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    Mon, January 9, 2006 - 3:17 PM
    I have often heard DNA Activation described as "New Age" and that is a misnomer. The true process is ancient with depictions of it in Egyptian tombs of 4000 years ago. I am an Initiated Adept of the 7th Mystery School. I was trained in DNA Activation using a technique that goes back 2500 years to the court of Solomon King of Israel. He codified the techniques that were even more ancient and combined them with crystal technology recieved from 1000's of years before his epoch.

    I have performed enough DNA activations that I have lost count of how many. I have seen the life altering effects of DNA Activation. So have enough people that a whole raft of Charlatans have emerged offering complete batshit in the form of "so called" DNA Activations. As of yet I haven't encounted any that compare to the Solomonic lineage's technique. This implies no disrespect for any technique I haven't experienced and only support and admiration for all healers in service to God & Humanity who do this work.

    Our Activations only require 1 session (although many recipients desire subsequent sessions for additional empowerment) which must be performed in person. The fee is $111 dollars and everyone I know who does the work will generally do it on the basis of a payment plan or even accept barter. We do the work as part of our personal mission to help heal the world and to bring about the Ascension of the Human Race.

    Ascension is the keyword. As larger and larger number of humans have this work done we raise the overall vibrational frequency of Mankind. I wholly reccomend an Activation for everyone. I am very appreciative and thankful for this forum.
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      Tue, January 10, 2006 - 12:00 AM
      Thanks for the explanation, Al. I have to admit to being new to this entire concept having only heard about it in the past. I'd have to agree it seems like a lot of people have jumped on the bandwagon..discernment is definitely going to be important when deciding.
      I had the impression that humanity/existence as we know it is ascending higher for lack of a better word. The current time now seems like a purging process of sorts..releasing lotsa junk..more and more people seem to be becoming better versions of themselves..(i.e. dropping bad habits, establishing life-affirming ones) It all feels quite natural and effortless to me. I'd be interested to get others opinions on this.
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        Tue, January 10, 2006 - 4:52 AM
        This looks like a good time to jump into this tribe (I just joined a few days ago and have yet to post here).

        I know it may sound like I've been living under a rock, but I didn't realize so many others were into this. I sort of intuitively stumbled into the idea of tapping into one's DNA to recall perfect health while writing my book a few years ago.

        Recently I've been led on an almost daily basis, through synchronicity, to sites and books that talk about DNA Activation (the writings of Kryon, in particular). They are all confirming that what I've been doing on my own is a valid practice.

        What I've been doing is this: I've been asking my body to become completely healthy by recalling what its DNA blueprint holds as its most spectacular potential. I've asked it to bring forth everything that is Divine and allow it to be demonstrated both physically and nonphysically.

        The word "activate" came to me during a meditation session, and that's when I began to investigate if there is more to this than I originally thought. I was not disappointed! :-D
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      Tue, January 10, 2006 - 5:57 PM
      Sounds exactly like the ad CeCe posted several days ago. Interesting.
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        Wed, January 11, 2006 - 7:33 PM
        Well.... If I have offended anyone in this tribe it was unintentional. I hadn't read Cece's post since it was put up before I joined this tribe. Yes it is in essence the same information. I am not surprised that they are the same since we were trained by the same authority. Although we were trained in different years and have never met; since, she is on the west coast and I in NYC.

        We are both Initiated Adepts of the Rocky Mountain Mystery School (RMMS). It is based in Park City Utah and is one of the 7 Mystery Schools operating world wide in the lineage of King Solomon. The techniques are as we both described. I have personally activated a large enough number of people, since August of 2002 when I recieved my initiation that I no longer count how many. As per the feedback I have recieved the process has had profound impact in people's lives. I make no apology for the work we do nor for the $111 that we charge for the service. Many of our Initiates are in service to Mankind and the Heirarchy of Light exclusively. It is their "Day Jobs". We have to pay our rent and buy food for our selves and families.

        Shawn followed up on Cece's post with some very kind and supportive words. He pointed out that as far as charging for services done for the good of Humanity; there is nothing wrong with that. In fact the Master Jesus Christ and his 12 initiates were supported by the people whom they ministered to. I do not compare our work to that of Christ. But perhaps in 2000 years from now others will.

        Please understand that when people work they have to get paid. We live in a Society where grown men who play the games of children with other grown men are paid millions of dollars a year. Yet in most parts of this country elementary school teachers don't get paid enough to purchase a home.

        DNA Activation is perhaps the one of the greatest services that one individual can perform for another. I paid the $111 when I had my Activation done almost 5 years ago and I have no regrets about it. I have waived the fee, taken reduced payment and worked out payment plans for a larger % of my Clients than I probably should have but doing the work is the most important thing to me (as is with everyone I know doing the work).

        If you are serious about DNA Activation and its life enhancing effects, and I assume you are if you are here reading this post try supporting us who do this work. Believe me at $111 (maximum) and usually a lot less none of us are getting rich.

        I will not comment on others who claim to do DNA Activations and charge as much as $1000 for a light show with sound effects that some self appointed self annointed Guru just thought up. In time such people become known for what they are.
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      Tue, January 10, 2006 - 9:58 PM
      Try mastery, not mystery. Secrets breed deceptions. Duality negates enlightenment. A word to the would-be wise: discernment. If it looks, feels, smells and tastes like judgment, it must be ... batshit.
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        Tue, January 17, 2006 - 4:32 PM
        Welcome Lisa.
        That seems like an effective affirmation. It resonated with me as something that could work for me and simply enough that I can actually getting around to doing!
        Thanks for all the input :)
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          Tue, January 17, 2006 - 5:11 PM
          Ok Al, you've got me, I'm going to check out the RMMS in park City!

          Thanks for the very detailed email on DNA activation you sent me the other day. I live in Salt Lake City so it only makes sense that I go up to Park City for myself. I'm new to this concept of DNA activation and don't know much about it but if I can test it first hand for only $111 why not, right? If it works at all, it will be the best $111 I’ve ever spent!

          Thank you Al for your willingness to share what you believe in, in the face of other people’s judgments and opinions about that sharing.

          I'll let you all know how it goes, not as the truth or as an “ad” but as a report of my own personal experience one way or the other.


          PS. For anyone who thinks I’ve been duped, thank you for your concern and we’ve all spent more than $111 on things that were not good for us or didn’t work out. The way I see it I have nothing to lose but a little more of that green paper and the possibility of gaining allot!
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            Sun, December 16, 2007 - 4:24 PM
            Hey Delelama'

            If you have got money to waste on this stuff you could send it to me instead'

            I will then tell you that it has been done and all you got to do is believe me'

            Up for an exchange bro'


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    Fri, January 20, 2006 - 7:28 AM
    DNA can be activated and cleaned through the use of essential oils.

    Essential oils weigh less than 500 amu, enabling them to cross the blood-brain barrier. A compound must weigh less than 800-1000 amu and be lipid soluable to cross the blood-brain barrier.

    Phenylpropaniods - also called hemiterpenes are found in close, cassia, basil, cinnamon, oregano, anise, and peppermint. These not only create an environment where it isn't safe for a virus or bacteria to live, they also clean receptor sites on cells.

    Monoterpenes are found in galbanum, angelica, hyssop, rose of sharon, peppermint, juniper, frankincense, spruce, pin, cypress and myrtle. These actually can reprogram miswritten information in cellular memory - this includes - DNA, cell malfuntion and diseases.

    Sesquiterpenes can be found in cedarwood, vetiver, spikenard, sandalwood, black pepper, patchouli, myrrh, ginger, galbanum, onycha, frankincense - deliver oxygen molecules to cells - like hemoglobin does in blood. These can also erase or deprogram miswritten codes for DNA.
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      Fri, January 20, 2006 - 10:30 PM

      This is incredibly fascinating, Sub. Thanks for sharing. I have a few books on medical aromatherapy that delve into the chemical constituents of essential oils. I've read somewhere about oils having certain frequencies, etc. The DNA clearing aspect is news to me. I'm definitely interested in learning more.

      Where can I go to find more information?


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        Sat, January 21, 2006 - 2:58 AM
        The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple - by David Stewart PH.D., D.N. M.

        i love the study of essential oils - i have seen amazing things. i am not one that is a believer that essential oils will take over the medical field. i believe that all forms of medicine can have their place in healing.

        There has just been an experience done where 68 surgeries were performed with essential oils being the pain management. This is great news. Oils - their energies do aid in healing. If they can aid in healing while controlling other aspects - oh wow........
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          Sat, January 21, 2006 - 1:12 PM
          The subconscious is more than capable of unravalling the code. I simply communicate with-in the various levels of consciousness that I have discovered. I also practice meditation, thought control and mindlessness to open and or percieve these deeper parts of self. Through spontanaity, impulse and in-action I find my self doing things that make "sense" later and prove the fuits of my labours.
          Outside of programing the subconscious there are many paths and approaches to activating the DNA that are very effective. I love potions and concoctions my self and use alot of liquid vitamins and periods of fasting (not exceeding 12 hours).
          One of the most important lessons has been not to focus on what I think I need to do and allowing things to transform. To see and flow with what is. Changes take time, they are a process that requires a foundation. It's easy to identify the quick fix or what we think is the "way", yet my deeper self (guides, angels, gaudians, god, the subconscious or what ever you wish to call it) moved me to where I needed to be and put me in the position to do what I needed. After the fact it has been easy to see the foundation I have built and why it was required and that none of what I have learned or gained has come from only "one thing" I done gotten or been.
          I must be careful with my goals since life is not an object.
          Have fun storming the castle!
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            Mon, January 23, 2006 - 9:54 PM
            Thanks Frank.
            Sub- Do you know where to buy essentials oils that can be used on the skin and are of grade A quality?
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              Tue, January 24, 2006 - 1:08 PM
              Nicole, the oils that i use are from young living. There are pros and cons regarding these oils and i've come to the conclusion that each may have their own opinion. Regardless of how one may or may not feel about the company. The oils are the best, in my opinion. If you would like to discuss them, i would be happy to do so. But, i am not interested in debating.

              It was so exciting to sit in class today as i studied about nutrition - fats are lipids. Lipids are living nutrients.

              Essenial oils are lipid soluable - they are alive - they are needful for our body - they heal and restore.
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                Tue, January 24, 2006 - 3:52 PM
                Thanks Sub.
                I've heard many oils should not be placed directly on the skin, but others are ok, and still others are ok if diluted.
                The ones you recommended, can they be applied directly on the skin without diluting them with anything?
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                  Tue, January 24, 2006 - 6:26 PM
                  Nicole -

                  i am not sure how much you have been involved with the *chemistry* of a person. The things one eats - whether it be food/drink or emotions - will effect their own personal chemistry. This is the reason that some perfumes can be rank on one person and perfect on another. Also, each day can make a difference in the chemistry fragrance.

                  Also, for a female - her cycle makes her hormones react to what she eats differently at different times of the month.

                  What i am trying to say is that i use all of these oils on my skin without diluting. When i do dilute it is for the purpose of making the product last longer, rather than a skin reaction. i have had heard of some who have a *chemical* burn when they are dealing with strong negative emotions. Or sometimes there can be viruses or bacterias that the oils are going are attempting to heal. The one applying needs to know how to monitor the application and how to cool things down - so that the person isn't injuried in the process. For me, it is a question that has to be answered on an individual basis according to the issues of the moment.

                  A few weeks back i had a cold and sniffed lemongrass oil. Oh man - did it ever burn in my nasal canal. But, it was a burn where i could feel it burning the germs. It is *hurt*. After sniffing off an on all evening - the cold was completely gone.

                  i can't speak regarding other oils, their properties and how they respond/react to the chemistry of individuals.
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    Re: Ways to activate DNA

    Fri, November 23, 2007 - 7:24 PM
    from Jan Tober's web site:

    Activation and Release 2004
    By Jan Tober
    The Release / Activation Process

    The following is a personal process for release, balance, and activation of DNA, channelled by myself, Karen Wolfer, and Ellen Kaufmann-Dosick. We have been actively involved for over two years in regular channelling together regarding the crystalline grid. Although the below process isn't specifically grid information, it indirectly is involved since it deals with new DNA activating energies, which is what the crystalline grid is also connected with.

    This is a simple but profound process. It would be best to find a 4-day grouping where you can give positive intent and honor the energy that this process needs to work for you. It is not an exercise that is casual and sometimes it can actually be felt emotionally after the first day. So honor your body and your spirit by dedicating quality time for this personal balancing. Discontinue any alcohol consumption for these days. Also, drink more water than usual and eat lightly. This helps prepare your body for this interdimensional work, and also for the potential of some detoxification. The process has four sections and releases and activates interdimensional chemistry in the body.

    o Do one process each day as listed below. Don't change the sequence.
    o The best time for it is at bed time
    (It takes at least three hours to work after you ask for the release/activation).
    o Don't try to stay awake for three hours.
    (The process happens while you are sleeping).
    o You will naturally go to sleep right after you make the initial request.
    o Your dreams may be vivid.

    Each time, start the process by asking that your "full-self" be present for this technique.
    Next, call upon the twelve "Encoding Technicians." They represent the core instruction sets of all Human DNA. Inform them you are giving pure intent for this release/activation process. Visualize all this being done in perfect harmony and divine order with your body chemistry, no matter what your condition. See yourself awakening balanced with the process having been completed at the highest level. Upon awakening, thank the technicians, your body, and Spirit for what has been accomplished. You might say, "Thank you," and proclaim the process complete in Love and Peace, Ease and Grace.

    Day One - Physical
    Release of the death hormone
    Activation of the rejuvenation hormone

    Day Two - Emotional
    Release of the pain hormone
    Activation of the love hormone

    Day Three - Mental
    Release of the fear hormone
    Activation of the inner-peace hormone

    Day Four - Spiritual
    Release of the separation hormone
    Activation of the re-connection hormone


    Jan Tober

    - - -

    I did this process and could each day feel a difference in the vibration of my body. The Power Of Twelve is a book by another author which describes an entirely different process for activating 12-strand DNA.
  • 12 strands!

    Sun, November 25, 2007 - 7:03 PM
    I have learned that one can activate their DNA (which essentially means that you are plugging in more strands) by simply Intending to do so. It can be done with clear thought, and within a meditative state. I also agree that it can raise one's vibrational state, and I have read that there are children being born with additional "activated" DNA that is keeping them safe from intense illness. My goal is to go from 2 to 12 strands. I intend to raise my conciousness, and I would be interested if anyone else here has had much success in their activations so far.

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      Sun, December 16, 2007 - 12:56 PM
      Hello, my name is Timothy and I'm new to My intention here is not one of cynicism, rather I'd like to examine this topic a bit more in depth. But first I'd first like to point out that none of the great prophets or sages of the past, Buddha, Jesus, Padmasambhava, Krishnamurti, etc, charged $111 to $400 to help actualize your potential. In fact a common aspect of their teachings was a denial of materialism. In my opinion many of these so called 'students of the mystery schools', selling DNA activation, are no other than modern snake oil salesmen preying on those seeking valuable esoteric knowledge. In an age where everyone expects a quick fix to their problems, people seem to ignore their common sense and throw their money away. There is no quick fix when it comes to spirituality which is why meditation, as well as the patience required for such a goal, has stood the test of time. I'm not suggesting there is no merit in DNA activation, because there is, I'm merely saying that it's not wise to expect others to do this hard work for you. Those that actually possess such knowledge realize that it's not theirs to sell and what they are doing is blurring the line between materialism and mysticism. I find this to be a great injustice. What does it say about an individual who seeks to profit financially off of other peoples desire for spiritual growth?
      • Re: 12 strands!

        Sun, December 16, 2007 - 4:05 PM
        Wow this is all seriously sad shit'

        I would get a better conning at Chuirch on Sunday morning'

        Are people really that so insecure and un-self knowledgable to have to follow other people'

        This is absolutely unreal'

        No wonder the world in general is in such a mess'

        Look at all the sheep to the slaughter'

        Ez now'


        Oh yes and Jesus Christ was a ninth dimensional being come back to teach us a bout "Love"

        Where is the proof of this statement'

        Why wasn't he a twelth dimensional being or a 144th'

        It is just all wacked out'

        All the freaks that wrote this stuff that folks oh so readily believe, even though it is all completely unattainable alive or dead'

        Wrote it to control the masses'

        They where all wacked out on weird and wonerful substances the likes of which are now made ilegal by fearful governments'

        Hey look'

        Four thousand years down the line'

        It still works just as well on the peoples of the world as it used to work on the slaves it was written for'


        Wake up an grow up people'

        Only you can make a difference'

        We are all the same'

        "Mystery schools, he he he' only in America eh?
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          Sun, December 16, 2007 - 4:16 PM
          If you look through this tribe you will notice a good majority of the people speaking of this stuff are women'

          Of cause no disrespect to women'

          But doesn't it go to show you something about of which this society we live in effects us'


        • om
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          Re: 12 strands!

          Sun, December 16, 2007 - 4:20 PM
          how can i activate my dna if i have done horrible damage to myself from drug use?
          will ayahuasca activate my dna?
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            Sun, December 16, 2007 - 4:31 PM
            Flower your DNA is already activated'

            It was of when you was conceived'

            This is all just a loa of bunk from folks making money from the weaknesses of others'

            Expand your conciousness is all'

            Yes the plants do not lie and have no hidden agenda,

            But you have to do the work'

            All of the work'

            It is you that holds yourself back with always looking at of what you have done'

            not of what is happening in the now'

            You make your life the way it is'

            You are the sum total of what you put in'

            No one else can help you with this other than showing you the path'

            You must walk it'

            It has been a while since I spoke with you on these matters and I see you still have not done anything about your self percieved problem,

            other than wallowing in it'

            Depressives don't like being happy because they can't then be depressed and sad and blame anythign other thasn self for their situation'


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              Re: 12 strands!

              Sun, December 16, 2007 - 10:50 PM
              Our two strands create a double helix,
              these are two sine waves in perfect phase (go look at some waveforms.)

              we don't gain strands,
              we activate junk dna.

              love. play. learn. be +.
              it doesn't take money.............
              • Re: 12 strands!

                Thu, December 20, 2007 - 10:55 PM
                ik create the so called strands in your psychi'

                They are not physical strands'

                Left and right side of the body makes two the spine makes three'

                You mirror the 3rd to make a fourth and so on through psychi'

                Pointing them out the top of your crown chakra as if wearing a crown on your head'

                The key to all this is in the make up of the double helix molecule'

                The left is a mirror of the right side, the same as we have left and right side to our bodies'

                DNA double helix molecule is the key to all life on this planet'

                It is of what gives us all, man and animals alike the same basic shape'

                Mirror is the key'

                Ez now'



                Oh yes and you are right ik, it doesn't take money'

                It takes practice'
                • Re: 12 strands!

                  Thu, January 10, 2008 - 10:19 AM
                  Ok to all you folks that see,

                  mystery in this'


                  The reflection of 0 is 0'

                  The reflection of one is itself equal

                  The reflection of itself is itself twice'

                  To the reflexion of two you require to reflect the state of once again, = 4 and so on in reflections to infinity, reflections balanced'

                  The law'

                  One - two = 3'

                  You have to move to the fourth in order to see the 3rd'

                  So we must already be here at the fourth'

                  Our object is to reach the fifth'

                  End of argument for the moment' (not much of an arguement seeing as none of you answer me')

                  4th duration'

                  What is your fifth;')~'~'~'

                  0 1 2 split or + 2 = 3 in my book + or - '

                  I take my expressions through the 10th 9th 6th 2nd or 1st

                  You can't see anything if you start your expression in the 3rd,
                  because that is of where you started'
                  you can't see yourself' (a box can't see it is a box)

                  Learn the expression from the 1st to the 9th' the ninth will reflect the 1 giving ten' over earth/physical' = 11'

                  Not knowing much I ramble'

                  1, 3 x 3 one above one below' = eleven'

                  Ez now'

                  Maybe some day someone will read of this and see something, or maybe not' ;')~'~'~'~ 8 ''' ' '' ' ''''

                  Off topic'


                  mid - range'






                  All the rest is uniform chaos'

                  Cha'kandra' Chains'


                  My teachers tells me be causious of folks that try to sell this wisdom for they say they have a key to a lock'

                  The lock that they sell does not fit the key'

                  They can not see the lock in the first place'

                  So how can they sell you the key'

                  The lock is etheric and not reached through physical power'

                  They might have the key but they can't see the lock'


                  My mistake like all the others was thinking that reflection was a mirror'

                  Not so' ')~

                  The power moves through self'

                  Not "Creator"


                  The physical was given freely with out price' (creation of man plus materia')

                  Everything of man's mistake is to take the acount of the physical twice'

                  Twelve signs of the Zodiac'

                  Take out the physical/earth sign, leaves eleven, the physical plus ten above'

                  The Taro' the same'

                  Twelve cards incluing one earth card'

                  Take out the earth card, place the below as earth on the earth, you get eleven cards'

                  One below and ten upper, ( five fingers left and right) five for, five against, balance in the middle, one above = eleven'
                  the one above the same as the one below reversed'

                  One above
                  3' = 10 + 1 = 11
                  3 through the 4th ethric + expression to move from 3 = 12 (see the piramid it gives ten, you need to move twice more to get he 12th which is not possible)

                  The twelve was create out of man's mind from giving two states to the earth plane'

                  You can not double the physical'

                  It causes chaos through the etheric and returned'

                  God head above'

                  Kingdom below'

                  Ez stylee'

                  Perhaps I am just crazy'

                  Who knows :)'

                  1, 1, 1, = 3 but the box can't see it is a box without movement,

                  so 3 + movement' = 4

                  blessed be' * * *
      • Re: 12 strands!

        Tue, December 30, 2008 - 7:20 PM
        Couldn't agree more, Timothy. If it's truly genuine, spiritual help, your wallet stays closed. Everyone is looking for a quick fix, instant gratification. Spiritual evolution is not a video game. If anyone is charging you to do ANYthing regarding spiritual development, walk away. Go off into nature and turn inside. Ask for guidance, meditate and pay attention to your own dreams. "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you." There was no admission fee back then, and there isn't now. God is free.
        • Fay
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          Re: 12 strands!

          Fri, March 15, 2013 - 2:41 PM
          I really appreciate hearing that what we have is already inside of us. Amazes me how many people are actually putting out (on you tube, web sites, etc) that if you don't pay someone $500 + you cannot activate DNA on one's own ... fear-based it is. I read a number of years ago in one of the Kryon books that everything we need is available to us and we don't have to pay if we don't choose to. It's fine to be compensated for one's work, and it is fine if people want to pay, for those who do not have the means or don't want to, all is still available ! Intent is everything!
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    Thu, December 20, 2007 - 5:54 PM
    organic food helps with my experience : )

    and good water....and if your water could be better , then you can soak a crystal in it....yummy elixir!
    • Re: Ways to activate DNA

      Thu, December 20, 2007 - 10:45 PM
      From my little experience water is crucial'

      Also visualisations'

      But seriously the water is your life'

      Drink the water eat good food'

      Be blessed'

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    Re: Ways to activate DNA

    Thu, January 1, 2009 - 6:31 PM
    I am not sure how it all happened. In 2000 I was doing some EMDR with a therapist and things began to happen. There were times when it felt like ants were crawling around on my head and also in my root chakra. For the longest time I thought there was something wrong with me and somehow I was guided to the information of what was going on. Still working on blocks and releasing those things that no longer serve my purpose. I went to healers for help with certain pains and blocks but I believe it is up to us to heal ourselves. That is were true empowerment comes from. In taking care of our selves, others will be inspired to do the same!!

    This is no picnic. The pain can be taxing!! Especially when your ego is being held to the floor and the anxiety attacks spring up from no where and your not sure of who you are or if you are in the place you need to be in. You begin to question your own reality as you can't remember the names of common items. Your emotions are all over the board despite your continued efforts to work at remaining positive and keeping faith!!! There are times when you find yourself sitting with family members working hard at holding it all together because you feel like you are falling apart. All signs point to no where but here you are!!!

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      Re: Ways to activate DNA

      Fri, January 2, 2009 - 5:21 AM
      the source of all your suffering is you, in the now moment we can feel what we have pushed away and end denial and self judgement..
      all those thoughts and viewpoints we have had which we decided were 'rubbish' are never lost, simply hidden from view and this does not feel good... thus dis-eases are manifested to reflect what we are ill at ease with.

      when we remember there is nothing wrong with us and what we have been/done, the judgments can release and we lighten ourselves considerably..

      thanks so much for sharing and infinite success to you! :)
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      Re: Ways to activate DNA

      Sun, January 11, 2009 - 11:00 PM
      Sherri... Perhaps you could elaborate on more of what you speak of... I seem to have been experiencing the same thing and recently, I've taken my prayers into this direction of knowing what it is and it seems as though prayer is powerful and simple. Although, only the Great Spirit can heal... and that's a twenty+ years worth of experience of things you know nothing about. No offense, but ultimately, you can still choose...
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        Re: Ways to activate DNA

        Mon, January 12, 2009 - 5:54 AM

        I am not sure what you are looking for. I described my experience without writing a book. I too know what is going on and I also know that I am part of Great Spirit and therefore can heal myself. Of course I have no idea of what your experience would I - I am not you!! You have your experience and I have mine, we are all on different paths and I would never judge your path!!

        I too have been doing prayer work...have been doing so for over a year. However, we either follow our hearts (Love) or we follow our ego (fear)...and it can be VERY painful to stay in alignment with the heart because it means all those fears come rushing to the surface and it is best to stop judging ourselves. My ego is very strong, it had to be in order to survive what I did in the past. In order for me to work around my ego and NOT have 'spiritual pride' I take the good and bad out of every situation and look at life differently. However, because my ego is still in tact, I have to work at not put my self on a pedistal and only look within myself and not others.

        I know my ego is dismanteling and there is nothing anyone can do, I have to put my faith in all that is and wait until it has exhausted every trick in the book and made friends with my heart. It is about choosing Love over Fear but I still have feelings!!

  • Re: Ways to activate DNA

    Mon, February 9, 2009 - 4:21 PM
    sounds interesting can someone explain to me about activating dna? what is it? how do u do it? any consequences?
    • Re: Ways to activate DNA

      Mon, February 9, 2009 - 8:07 PM
      Aye, it's quite interesting. The common consensus regarding the matter is that, while there are two strands of physical DNA in everyone's cells, there are also and additional 10 strands of etheric DNA in each of your cells as well, for a total of 12 strands. One strand corresponds to your youth, another to your vitality, and so on. Therefore, activating those etheric strands is said to activate your body's long forgotten potential in such matters. Some believe that these etheric strands were intentionally deactivated for the race of humans long ago for the purpose of allowing them to experience certain lessons, and now is the time to reactivate them once again. Many people have commented that, after activating their etheric DNA strands, that their skin is brighter and younger looking, their hair grows faster, their overall frequencies are rising, and whatnot. It's sometimes argued that there are actually 44 strands, others say 36, 144, etc. To me, that's a trivial detail in the matter, with all of those opinions essentially pointing to a common general idea that each individual can activate greater genetic potentialities within themselves than they were born with.

      The idea of how to do so is as varied as there are individuals interested in the subject. Several good ones on this thread, I'd say. I personally spent a month in Peru, taking Ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonially with some shamans down there several times. That'll do the trick real nice. Some would even say, however, that even eating well, being creative, having loving relationships, all can help activate your etheric DNA. I wouldn't argue against that.

      However, one thing to keep in mind when choosing to do it, as with any deep spiritual activation, is the responsibility that comes with it. In order to make way for something more positive in your body, your body must first expel that which would be counter to that. Namely, negative emotions, thoughtforms, relationships, etc. They won't hurt you as they come up, just so long as you see them objectively for what they really are: old paradigms being brought to the surface one last time to be burned off.

      Regardless, it's a very powerful avenue for the serious spiritual seeker that for me, personally, has had tremendous good consequence on a number of levels. Hope this has helped at all. Take care!

      Mucho pace,

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