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I am pretty sure I am the product of a walk-in (walk-ins and the awakening process for that of an indigo child/adult seem similar). The walk-in happend a while ago (I think), but I feel like a light just went off in my head. I fit most of the charecteristics pretty firmly. From what I have read this means that my body carries a "crystal gene." I have been meditating and doing some yoga recently to try and open my chakras. I have read up on Kudalini Yoga... if anyone knows more about this, I'm all ears (or in this case "eyes").
What is the best process for opening/activating ones crystal gene? (AND I'M NOT PAYING SOME WITCH DOCTOR TO CUT THROUGH LUNAR FORCE-FIELDS WITH HIS VOODOO)
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    Fri, April 27, 2007 - 5:52 AM

    I have had the pleasure of personally knowing 3 different walk-ins so far in my life ~ all with pretty amazing stories to tell!

    You are correct ~ there is no need to pay anybody for 'activation' ~ there's plenty of info. available for free online & the simple truth (as I see it) is that all you really need to do to start the process is ask.... since you have already done that here, you seem to be getting along quite nicely already!

    Although there are people who have experience with various techniques & schools of thought, we are all new to most of this at this stage in the game & we are all our best 'experts' on ourselves..... things will be slightly (more or less) different/unique for every individual. I have gotten much help from various sources, mostly to let me know that I'm not going through this *transition* alone ~ but I am doing it MY way, that's for sure!

    Have fun!

    love all-ways,
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    Fri, April 27, 2007 - 10:00 AM
    Everybody comes with a crystal gene. Evidence is evident within the plating stucture of a cell. Being a 'voodoo witch doctor' i wouldn't be slightly intrested, money or no, in cutting thru your lunar force field.

    There is no best process, or we wouldn't be having the discussion. The unknown territory within yourself is only quantifiable by your own experience, not others processes. Part of dna activation is your willingness to step into the unknown on your own volition.
    Sincerly, the witch doctor.
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      Fri, April 27, 2007 - 6:43 PM
      Water, the Moon. Plant your feet on the ground... connect your self to the energy source... in reiki they teach that we are walking batteries because we arent connected to the ground... may also imply the reasons why we dont live long these days...
      Drink water before going to bed, and while drinking or talk to the glass say what you want to know.. and make sure you know how it will help you... usually you will have a dream, tell your self you will remember everything when you awake.. dont force yourself.. then you forget lol
      Moon glareing is an ancient practice, many shamans and well... good ol people like to look at the moon, but few know how to talk to it.
      Look at the moon , in the center of it.. try to anyways haha and do it like you were going to read someones aura.. kinda blur your vision, and keep it.. you should see amazing things, also... sometimes, depending on what kind of psychic you are (everyone is psychic depends on your strong points) you may actually see a vision in the moon, usually I see myself talking to it.. haha yeah, I see my own face in the moon... pretty cool.
      This helps to be more connected energy wise to the source, you can recieve your answers faster and more accurate, also, meditation an hour before bed is good... but not before bed, after drinking water... oh god.. I was up for hours lol
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    Re: Crystal Gene

    Fri, April 27, 2007 - 8:17 PM
    In my own inner travels I have connected to what I think you call the crystal gene but in my experience it was called the 'master gene'. Same thing, different name. In my meditations I was shown that we all come in with a master (crystal) gene that acts as a director implanted by our own soul that facilitates the growth and direction of our genome from birth to so called death. I may be mistaken but I saw three of them. When I began meditating on this gene I was not able to find or connect with it right away, like it was locked away somewhere in my unconscious/non physical. But when I did it looks very different from what we know as a double helix.
    Intent and persistance and the willingness to let go brought me to this doorway.

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