The importance of the Lower Three Chakras at this time

topic posted Sun, September 16, 2007 - 7:49 PM by  Ramanathan
Dear Great Beings,

We have entered a radically new time! Over the past four days the Reality Structure that this planet rests in has been completely replaced with a new system that I like to call the Ever New Joy system!

In New Creation, everything is gradations of Joy, so that all of Life looks like a rainbow!

Now our lives and the life of the planet can only get better and better!

Now the increasing energies will only increase faster!

With the increase of energy it is now time for us as a planetary culture and a group of Lightworkers to fully re-enter our bodies and reactivate the Lower Three Chakras.

We want a global shift to occur! We want World Peace! We want First Contact! We want Financial Abundance for Everyone!

In order to acheive these very physical, world-oriented goals, we need to have fully empower the Lower Three Chakras of our own bodies and the whole Planet.

The third chakra, the yellow center, relates to government, and personal power. As we reactivate this region as a planet, we will see our government change! The organ of this region is the stomach.

The second chakra, the orange cener, relates to interpersonal interactions as a social group. As we re-empower ourselves in this region we reclaim our sense of self-worth, and begin to see the societal shift we are looking for. Here is where we as a planetary community will unite and love each other and work together to heal ourselves and the planet. The organ of this region is the womb/prostate.

The 1st chakra relates to our Planet, Her state of health, and by focussing here we can heal all pollution out of our bodies very quickly. As the planetary culture re-enters the root chakra, they will begin to realize how they are treating the planet, and how they are treating their own bodies. The organ of this region is the rectum!


We are the ones bringing the change, and in order to effect physical shifts in our very physical world, we need to be radiating tremendous energy FROM OUR PHYSICAL BODIES.

As our lower three chakras become fully radiant and powerful, we will see the world around us respond to us where we Are, in the lower three!

For a very long time now the energies of the lightworker community have been in the head and brain, facilitating the LIGHT restore to the planet. This is the DNA restore and the restoration of the sense of Unity among us all. Building a communication network has been an essential part of this LIGHT restore.

Well, I feel that the LIGHT restore, the restoration of the upper three chakras of blue, violet, and gold, has succeeded grandly!

There is now so much LIGHT on the planet that many lightworkers are having trouble properly integrating it!

I feel the Movement of the Lightworkers must shift to ADD IN the lower three chakras.

Now it is time to emphasize the Lower Three, where we can create a PHYSICAL, MATERIAL shift in our daily lives.

As the Lightworkers begin to strongly magnetize their lower three chakras, we as a community will create a VISIBLE TANGIBLE shift in government (3rd), society (2nd), and the health of the planet (1st).

Victory to You Great Lightworkers! Together we must enter the New Phase of our work, and make manifest in our PHYSICAL lives the changes we have so longed for!


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